What are Long-Tail Keywords and Why do they Matter

Long-tail keywords are search phrases that are longer and more specific. For instance,”buy running shoes for men” is an example of long-tail keyword,whereas “buy shoes” is short-tail. Generally,marketers consider keywords long-tail when they are composed of at least three words,while Search Engine Land looks at the volume produced rather than the word count.

Long-tail keywords and Marketing

Digital marketers believe that performing a keyword research to find longer keywords about a particular niche is a great move for SEO and advertising. Longer search phrases are more specific,meaning the searchers have greater understanding of what they are looking for. This translates to the likelihood of conversion,meaning they are more likely to buy something.

Long-tail keywords are also usually less competitive when it comes to organic SEO. This means it is easier to rank for those keywords than the shorter search terms. Using the example keywords mentioned above,you will be having a lot of competitors if you optimize for the keyword “buy shoes.” There’s a big chance you would be going head-to-head with the biggest shoe sellers and fashion brands. If you use “buy running shoes for men” instead,there is less competition,probably only a few retailers.

Again,the phrase is not only more specific,but also much easier to rank for and much more likely to get you sales.

Long-tail keywords play a big role in optimizing your website and its content. Companies offering SEO services in Hong Kong suggest focusing on a dozen or two of multi-word search phrases rather than just a couple of very competitive short-tail ones.

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