Office Chairs Under $200 (Comparison + Guide for 2017)

best-office-chairs-under-200If you are searching for the office chairs under $200, then you should have a look at these office chairs suitable for everyday home and office tasks.

It isn’t so much what’s on the table that matters, as what’s on the chairs!

Did you know chairs started to be popular only in the 16th century?

For a hundreds years, people used to sit on various items such as stones or benches made from different materials like wood. Chairs were a rarity and they only became very popular in the 16th century, but the oldest chair is almost 5000 years old.

The Egyptians had some sort of ceremonial chairs – used only during big events and celebrations. But with the passage of time chairs have become the household furniture affordable for all and sundry – quite literally. Especially in the office workspace, chairs sit as ancient sentinels – resting the host of the employees who come and go.

But as the saying goes – “too much of anything is bad” – sitting and working for hours on your office desks have triggered major concerns of health among the office-goers including back pain, joint pain, neck pain among many other issues. Instead of increasing enthusiasm among young employees to work standing up – the indispensable nature of the chairs in workspace requires a closer look at what is best seating options available in the market.

Amazing ergonomic chairs can be beneficial for your body and health. It will allow you to work for longer hours without giving you major back aches, but they can be quite hefty on the pockets. So, let us look at some

Reviews of The Office Chairs Under $200

  • 4.5 Customer Rating
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Leather
  • Dimension : 35 x 28 x 17
  • Weight : 57 pounds
  • FEATURES : Height is adjustable Seat and back made of leather Black finish with silver accent Features padded arms and tilt lock adjustment
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Color : Black Leather
  • Material : Leather
  • Dimension : 25 x 24.2 x 39.2
  • Weight : 29.3 pounds
  • FEATURES : Breathable mesh back and generously-proportioned seat cushion Synchro-tilt
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Color : Red
  • Material : Leather
  • Dimension : 34.8 x 15.9 x 25.8
  • Weight : 47.3 pounds
  • FEATURES : Contemporary cushioned seating Waterfall seat Padded arm caps
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Color : Latte
  • Material : Nylon
  • Dimension : 26.5 x 27 x 42
  • Weight : 40 pounds
  • FEATURES : 360-degree swivel Adjustable tilt Height- adjustable angled arms Limited lifetime warranty
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Fiber
  • Dimension : 24 x 29 x 44
  • Weight : 65 pounds
  • FEATURES : Classic styling specifically designed Thickly cushioned seat and back provide complete support. Supports up to 450 lbs Height adjustable arms for optimal arm placement

OFM Leather Executive Office Chair

OFM-Big-Leather-Executive-Office-ChairA smooth leather finish office chair always adds to the grandness of your working space, be it a home-office or a large corporate cabin. This chair looks absolutely gorgeous with its smooth leather upholstery and exclusive finish.


  • Bronze tinted leather
  • Plush seating area
  • Covered backrest
  • Padded armrests
  • Adjustable dimensions
  • Adjustable tilt lock
  • Carrying capacity of 400 LBs
  • Firm metal base with 5 caster wheels.

Coming down to reality:

  • The buyers seem to be extremely happy with this really neat chair and people are really impressed with not only the look and feel of the chair, but the overall functionality as well.
  • It is extremely easy to assemble, even for the aged hands.
  • This chair will really be suitable for your office or home-office space with a glass top table or a polished wooden surface and the luxurious leather tint will accentuate the beauty of the space in the best way possible.
  • The extremely affordable pricing under $200 is also a point that has taken the customers by surprise as the overall quality of the chair is superb, which the customers might not expect within a restricted budget.

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HON Volt Desk Chair

hon-volt-desk-chairWhen you start using the wrong office chair, you end up getting miserable back pain which just doesn’t seem to go. So what precautions can you take? Firstly invest in the right kind of chair and secondly make sure it’s not too expensive. And this particular one is a combination of both. This office chair also has the ability to adjust to your movements, balancing your weight evenly, which leads to better posture as you sit comfortably. The padded arms are also adjustable and it can be removed and put back again all depending on you. The height of the chair can be controlled, which will help you work better because you can sit with a proper posture.


  • Breathable mesh back and generously-proportioned seat cushion with luxurious leather upholstery.
  • Easy-to-use controls deliver a customized fit.
  • Synchro-tilt allows back to recline at a 2-to-1 ratio to seat angle.


  • The chair doesn’t really provide the comfort it promises to
  • If you are more than 5’8 then it is not for you
  • But it is value for money

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Alera Neratoli Desk Chair

alera-neratoli-desk-chairHaving a position of authority is a hard job, but finding the right chair for you is not. Something that is beautiful and functional is desirable for all and this particular one just does the right kind of fancy and functionality.

The unique waterfall seat construction eliminates leg fatigue caused by sitting for long periods by increasing circulation. The office chair can be adjusted to your specific height requirements and also has a tilt tension control and locking upright position.

This office chair is upholstered with leather, which is an easy-clean material and only requires a wet cloth to bring the shine back. It has plenty of room in the seat portion for comfort. One major benefit is that the office chair does not require any tools to put together and is very easily assembled.


  • Contemporary cushioned seating with a slim profile
  • Waterfall seat reduces pressure on the back of the knees for improved circulation
  • Padded arm caps for comfort and support


  • The chair is incredibly comfortable and extremely well built
  • The faux leather looks like the real thing
  • The suppliers delivers it on time and in perfect conditions

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SPACE Seating AirGrid Office Chair

space-seating-airgrid-office-chairMaybe you have always thought that compact chairs don’t necessarily benefit anyone and it’s uncomfortable to sit and work from but don’t judge a book by its cover.

This particular chair has all the right features that any high-end ergonomic chair will give you. It has thick padding in the seat area for comfort and a breathable back so you won’t get too hot or sweaty. In addition, you can control the tilt function and the height with the touch pneumatic seat height adjustment.

This chair is amazing for a home office environment and fits comfortably in your small room and large one. It has a 360° swivel, so you can reach places without even moving the chair. Nice, isn’t it? Also when you’ll sit on your desk for long periods of time, it will be beneficial to have an office chair that will be good to your body and provide the comfort and support that you need.


  • Contemporary manager’s chair with breathable Air Grid back; built-in lumbar support
  • Air Grid, contour fabric seat; 360-degree swivel; adjustable tilt
  • Height- adjustable angled arms; nylon base; dual wheel carpet casters
  • 42 inches high by 26-3/4 inches wide by 26-1/2 inches deep


  • This chair is comfortable for people of all heights
  • Assembling the chair is very simple
  • This chair really supports your back wonderfully

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OIF Big & Tall Office Chair

oif-big-tall-office-chairIf comfort and cushiony feel is your main agenda then this chair is a must have for you.The waterfall front design supports the legs and assists in preventing fatigue. Both the seat and the back are upholstered with a breathable material.

The specific design of this office chair allows you to control many adjustments for comfort. It is a nicely padded office chair that can accommodate any size user. It features a swivel tilt mechanism with a tilt tension control. Height can be adjusted easily with the pneumatic seat height adjustment lever.

This particular one has arm rests as well for giving your hand the necessary support it needs while working for hours but its armrest can also be removed so that it can be pushed up close and under a desk without restriction.


  • Classic styling specifically designed for the big and tall person–supports up to 450 lbs.
  • Thickly cushioned seat and back provide complete support.
  • Arms adjust for optimal placement or may be removed to suit your needs.
  • Height adjustable arms for optimal arm placement


  • It, in reality, can hold a very tall person without any problems
  • The pieces are heavy but assembling is really easy
  • All the features work perfectly

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  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Breathable mesh back and plush fabric cushion seat
  • Dimension : 27 x 24 x 37
  • Weight : 33 pounds
  • FEATURES : •Sponge seat covered with a mesh fabric •Height adjustable back and armrests •Pneumatic height adjustment •Passive Lumbar Support
  • 4.1 Customer Rating
  • Color : Black steel frame
  • Material : Mesh , Fabric
  • Dimension : 31.9 x 23.8 x 14.4
  • Weight : 48.4 pounds
  • FEATURES : •Arms adjust in height and width •Nylon five-star base •Pneumatic seat-height adjustment •360-degree swivel, tilt and asynchronous three-lever control available
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Color : Gray
  • Material : Microfiber
  • Dimension : 28.8 x 24.8 x 44
  • Weight : 35 pounds
  • FEATURES : •Pillowed headrest for added neck comfort & support •Contoured lumbar •Waterfall seat edge •Durable multi-surface dual wheel casters and heavy-duty, five-star black base
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Black Leather + PVC Upholstery
  • Dimension : 30.7 x 27.6 x 45.1
  • Weight : 35.3 pounds
  • FEATURES : •250-pound maximum weight capacity •360-Degree Swivel •Padded seat and back •Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Fabric
  • Dimension : 26.2 x 24.4 x 14.6
  • Weight : 46.5 Pounds
  • FEATURES : •Cool, breathable mesh back •Contoured seat cushion with premium fabric upholstery and waterfall edge

LexMod Articulate Black Mesh Office Chair

LexMod-Articulate-Black-Mesh-Office-ChairMesh chairs are always favoured due to their breathability and of course this is one of those really airy and breathable mesh chairs that come with a really affordable price tag.


  • Comfortable seating area
  • Adjustable armrests and height
  • Sturdy base with five dual caster wheels
  • Various colour options
  • Recliner lock function
  • Heavy weight capacity
  • Passive lumbar support

Honestly speaking:

  • The lumbar support is really grand. The support forms a very important part of a chair and it is important that you are also able to adjust the arm rests according to your need because without that, the entire stress will accumulate on your shoulder region making it extremely hard for you to work.
  • The chair has received mixed reviews from the customers who bought it. There have been problems in assembling and also the height of the chair is not suitable for shorter people, even after adjusting it to the lowest extent.
  • Customers were also somewhat dissatisfied with the level of comfort and some complained that the mesh of the recliner was loose after some months of usage, which resulted in the individual resting on the plastic lumber support entirely.
  • But the positive parts are, the recliner can tilt without affecting the seating area which can ease backaches and also the chair comes with an extremely firm base that can easily carry pretty heavy weights will ease.

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Lorell Executive High-Back Chair

lorell-executive-high-back-chairIf you had a small office and wanted a chair that perfectly fits your needs but also is less expensive and ergonomic then this is the ultimate chair for you.

The design conforms to your spine, allowing for better posture and less slouching, plus it has a 360° swivel function and an adjustable height. Breathable mesh material keeps you from getting too hot.

The arms are adjustable and also has a nice height allowing you to conveniently store the chair under a desk without interference. It also offers a nylon five-star base, pneumatic seat-height adjustment, tilt and asynchronous three-lever control.


  • Executive high-back chair features a mesh back chair, mesh fabric seat and ergonomically designed high back for natural curvature of a person’s back
  • Arms adjust in height and width
  • Seat height from floor adjusts from 17″ to 21″


  • It has value for money
  • It fits into any small space
  • The quality of the seat is amazing at that price under $200

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Serta Executive Office Chair

serta-executive-office-chairVelvet is the ultimate sign of luxury. Having a huge office room with a wonderful desk also needs a chair that fits the bill. So, you must consider this particular chair which has the luxury, comfort and functionality for your home office or your work office.This executive office chair is well known for its plush padded seating feature and sturdy lumbar back support.

When you use this executive bonded office chair, you get the maximum comfort working hours. Give your office a high-grade touch to improve the comfortable throughout the working hours.

You can easily make an adjustment with the upright locking positions and its gas lifting type of height seating adjustment. Its waterfall seat designing quality is highly featured with the ergonomic back lumbar support to freely adjust over the tilting angles. This particular chair does not need any tool to assemble.


  • Pillowed headrest for added neck comfort & support
  • Plush, layered body pillows offer the body a serene and tranquil seating experience
  • Contoured lumbar provides exceptional support for the lower back
  • Durable multi-surface dual wheel casters and heavy-duty, five-star black base


  • Cleaning the chair becomes difficult because of the material since it attracts dust particles.
  • It doesn’t take up too much space.
  • It definitely gives good support and comfort and very easy to assemble.

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AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

amazonbasics-high-back-executive-chairYour executive desk for all the obvious reasons needs an executive chair as well. This ergonomic office executive chair is excellently padded that work great to make you feel comfortable and work at ease. It can be adjusted to such a height so that it can fit all kind of users. The executive office chair constitutes the ability to move 360 degree in all direction.

This executive office chair includes seat adjustment, padded arm resting, hydraulic lifting, heavy duty base and lumbar support. Its sturdy lumbar design helps to keep the user free from neck, shoulder and back pain. Its waterfall design minimizes the pressure strain in the user’s legs to improve blood circulation. Its multi-surface smooth rolling casters enable easy mobility everywhere.


  • Ergonomic executive chair upholstered in bonded black leather and PVC
  • Padded seat and back for all-day comfort and support
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment; 360-degree swivel; smooth-rolling casters
  • Measures 29.13 by 25.59 by 41.34 to 45.08 inches (LxWxH)
  • Maximum weight capacity – 250 pounds


  • It is very easy to assemble and very durable
  • The chair is very comfortable
  • The features work and a tall person can sit comfortably on it

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Alera Elusion Series Office Chair

alera-elusion-series office chairIf you were looking for a well-reviewed, comfortable chair that fits any budget, then this chair is the one for you. It features a sturdy five-wheel base with a mesh ergonomically contoured back that gives you the support you need to get through a full day of work. One of the most surprising things about this chair is the fact that it’s actually sized well for larger people taller than six feet.

The chair offers a contoured seat cushion with a waterfall-edge and premium upholstery that helps take pressure off your legs, while the supportive back encourages proper posture to alleviate lower back pain. This is by far the best and well-reviewed chair in this price range, under $200.


  • Ergonomic design adjusts to fit multiple users
  • Cool, breathable mesh back
  • Contoured seat cushion with premium fabric upholstery and waterfall edge to help relieve pressure on legs


  • It lacks many adjustment features.
  • It really helps who suffer from back problems.
  • Assembling is very easy and not that heavy, so can be moved around easily.

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Tips For Buying Office Chairs Under $200


Everyone wants the best ergonomic office chair at a relatively cheaper price, but it is always not possible because of various factors like – there is no sale, or a good chair is always expensive, you don’t have cash to purchase it, etc. A lot of factors can play a vital role but if you follow these tips then it will be easy for you to find the right chair at a relatively less price.


    – Office chairs are one of the best furniture items to buy used from other individuals. There are several reasons for this – they’re durable, minor issues can often be repaired, they’re relatively decent and easy to clean.

    1. Individuals often sell at low prices, though places like eBay and Craigslist are great places to look for used chairs.
    2. You can also strike gold through newspaper ads, yard sales and other sources.
    3. What’s important is to find a cosy office chair that still functions properly, has minimal exterior damage and is supportive for your frame. Make sure to try the chair before you buy, and if you can, sit for at least a few minutes.

    But on the other hand, buying used products from a person or website has its cons like – you can’t try the chair out for more than a few minutes without causing a bad situation, and there’s little chance of returning the chair should it not work out. You also may have trouble finding replacement parts if the seller isn’t sure who made the chair.


    – Most major cities have office outlet stores.

    1. These stores buy up office supplies, including furniture, that were overstock or sold as part of bankruptcy.
    2. They then turn around and re-sell these items to whoever wants them at cut-rate prices.
    3. A large office outlet can be over-whelming. It may have hundreds or thousands of chairs in stock, all fully assembled and in various states of repair, so plan to spend an hour or two in the store when you go.
    4. Also, be careful of unscrupulous salesmen. While most of the office outlets have been cordial, but there are some seriously pushy, salesmen.

    A good office outlet is an awesome place to find the right chair. The selection is huge, the prices are good and you can sit in each chair as long as you’d like. Most even have a money-back return policy good for a week or two of use, which you should before buying.


    – You should find failing businesses that want to sell goods but you’ll have to keep an eye out for “going out of business” signs and browse public listings of bankruptcy auctions.

    1. You may find opportunities in strange places. But the problem with these are that it becomes time-consuming because you have to find not only the right chair, but also the right seller.
    2. You may also find that you have little to no chance to actually try the chair and no return policy to fall back on if the chair doesn’t work out. This is high-risk, high-reward; you may find an excellent deal or you may end up screwed.

    – Many online sites sell a huge variety of chairs at the lowest prices possible. But if you’re really on a budget, various sites offer numerous office chairs for under $100.

    1. While the deals are great, these stores often have a so-so reputation for customer service.
    2. They’re also usually not an “authorized reseller” of major brands, which means your warranty may not be valid if the chair breaks five years from now.

Best Office Chairs Under 200 Comparison Chart For 2017

OFM LEATHER EXECUTIVE OFFICE CHAIRBlackLeather35 x 28 x 1757 poundsHeight is adjustable Seat and back made of leather Black finish with silver accent Features padded arms and tilt lock adjustment
HON VOLT DESK CHAIRBlack LeatherLeather25 x 24.2 x 39.229.3 poundsBreathable mesh back and generously-proportioned seat cushion Synchro-tilt
ALERA NERATOLI DESK CHAIRRedLeather34.8 x 15.9 x 25.847.3 poundsContemporary cushioned seating Waterfall seat Padded arm caps
40 pounds360-degree swivel Adjustable tilt Height- adjustable angled arms Limited lifetime warranty
OIF BIG & TALL OFFICE CHAIRBlackFiber24 x 29 x 4465 poundsClassic styling specifically designed Thickly cushioned seat and back provide complete support. Supports up to 450 lbs Height adjustable arms for optimal arm placement
LEXMOD ARTICULATE BLACK MESH OFFICE CHAIRBlackBreathable mesh back and plush fabric cushion seat27 x 24 x 3733 pounds•Sponge seat covered with a mesh fabric •Height adjustable back and armrests •Pneumatic height adjustment •Passive Lumbar Support
LORELL EXECUTIVE HIGH-BACK CHAIRBlack steel frameMesh , Fabric31.9 x 23.8 x 14.448.4 pounds•Arms adjust in height and width •Nylon five-star base •Pneumatic seat-height adjustment •360-degree swivel, tilt and asynchronous three-lever control available
SERTA EXECUTIVE OFFICE CHAIRGrayMicrofiber28.8 x 24.8 x 4435 pounds•Pillowed headrest for added neck comfort & support •Contoured lumbar •Waterfall seat edge •Durable multi-surface dual wheel casters and heavy-duty, five-star black base
AMAZONBASICS HIGH-BACK EXECUTIVE CHAIRBlackBlack Leather + PVC Upholstery30.7 x 27.6 x 45.135.3 pounds•250-pound maximum weight capacity •360-Degree Swivel •Padded seat and back •Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
ALERA ELUSION SERIES OFFICE CHAIRBlackFabric26.2 x 24.4 x 14.646.5 Pounds•Cool, breathable mesh back •Contoured seat cushion with premium fabric upholstery and waterfall edge


It can be said that a chair must have both fashion and functionality. The chair does get better or worse over time with the user getting increasingly comfortable with it or the opposite. It depends upon a person’s taste, style and utility, but it is also vitally important as to how beneficial it is for one’s health.

One important fact that people should keep in mind is that what a particular thing is doing to their body, mind and health and while buying a chair as well this thought shouldn’t be ignored.

It is a well-known fact that sitting too much on a chair is not good for one’s health. That happens because the blood circulation in the body can be affected and some muscles can become sore and painful. So, it is beneficial that a person invests on a right kind of chair so that he or she doesn’t face the above problems and health issues in life.

Thus, it can be said that finding the right kind of chair is not difficult, but if on a budget then it can be problematic. So, follow the above tips and tricks and purchase your own office chair under $200 and sit through your worries with a smile.

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