best office chairTo help you out, we have created the best office chair reviews to give you an idea what is available on the market and how they stack up against others.

An office chair is just a chair, no matter how you look at it, right? Absolutely not!

If you are spending most of the day anchored to a chair at a desk, then you want to find the best desk chair that is going to be nice to your body. An office chair that doesn’t conform to your body and support certain areas such as your back and legs can actually cause long-term aches and pains, plus deteriorate your posture.

It’s important to realize that not every chair is made alike, and not every office chair is going to generically accommodate every single person.

Before deciding on an office chair you have to consider certain factors. Your weight and height are important ingredients when it comes to the buying a proper and the best ergonomic office chair for you.

Remember we only review the best and don’t bother with the rest!

Top Rated Ergonomic Office Chairs

  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Herman Miller Embody Office Chair
  • PRICE $$$
  • Color : Variety Of Colors
  • Material : High tech mesh fabric
  • Dimension : 29 x 29.5 x 43.5 inches
  • Weight : 52 pounds
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • Aeron Chair by Herman Miller
  • PRICE $$$
  • Color : Variety Of Colors
  • Material : High tech mesh fabric
  • Dimension : 27.6 x 26.9 x 24 inches
  • Weight : 56.5 pounds
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Eurotech Ergohuman Office Chair
  • PRICE $$$
  • Color : Variety Of Colors
  • Material : Mesh and Nylon Casters
  • Dimension : 40-46 x 26 x 27.5 inches
  • Weight : 66 pounds
  • 4.7 Customer Rating
  • Ancheer Mount Desk Chair
  • PRICE $$
  • Color : Black/Grey/red
  • Material : Mesh, Steel, Plastic
  • Dimension : 20.3 x 22.6 x 50.7 inches
  • Weight : 58 pounds
  • 4.4 Customer Rating
  • SPACE Seating Professional Desk Chair
  • PRICE $$
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Fabric /mesh
  • Dimension : 26.5 x 28 x 55.5 inches
  • Weight : 39 pounds

Reviews of Office Chairs

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

Herman-Miller-Embody-office-ChairThe Embody Chair by Herman Miller is one of the most comfortable office chairs out there and we are going to tell you why.

First, for all the computer users out there, sometimes finding a comfortable sitting position is difficult, but with this desk chair, there are six functions that allow you to adjust for the most beneficial and healthy posture for sitting. This function takes pressure off the spine, which is one of the main causes of pain and discomfort when sitting.

Also, a specially designed material on the office chair allows it to breathe properly and the air to circulate, keeping you cool no matter how long you sit.

Furthermore, I bet you didn’t think a chair could help you with increased brain function, did you? Well, this office chair can. With the pixilated support, you’ll have the sense of floating and remaining perfectly balanced from the moment you sit down, because the Embody seat and back automatically conforms to your micro movements and distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure, and promotes circulation and oxygen flow to allow you to concentrate and provide an increased thought process.

Other benefits include height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, and the motions of the armrest fit a variety of ranges. By all means, a very comfortable office chair.

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Aeron Desk Chair by Herman Miller

Aeron-Task-office-Chair-by-Herman-MillerAre you suffering from back pain and it just continues to get worse from sitting? It’s because you are using the wrong office chair.

One of the popular office chairs for back pain is the Aeron Chair by Herman Miller, and the reason is the special design. It’s highly adjustable with posture fit lumbar support, and so a great office chair for a tall person.

In addition, this office chair is constructed with a highly durable graphite frame, plus the patented material allows you to stay cool no matter what the temperature is.

The office chair also has the ability to adjust to your movements, balancing your weight evenly, which leads to better posture as you sit comfortably. The padded arms are also adjustable and it features a forward tilt mechanism and tilt limiter.

The office chair also has the ability to adjust to your movements, balancing your weight evenly, which leads to better posture as you sit comfortably. The padded arms are also adjustable and it features a forward tilt mechanism and tilt limiter.

It’s designed to anticipate your movements and immediately conform to the way you are sitting. The forward tilt assists in preventing the upper body from slouching which is one of the main causes for back pain when sitting for long periods of time.

Office positions and computer jobs can be brutal on your body from constantly sitting; it’s imperative that you have an office chair that is going to save you from years of pain that could happen if you don’t have the right tools for the job.

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Eurotech Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair

Eurotech-Ergohuman-Ergonomic office-ChairIf you’re looking for extra ergonomic office chairs, then take a look at the Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh Chair.

Having an office chair that conforms to the shape of your body and assists you with maintaining a proper posture is extremely important. It’s not only more comfortable, but it will prevent you from those nasty aches and pains that you get in your neck, shoulders, and back area from sitting with not much movement.

This particular office chair is manufactured with a mesh material that breathes by allowing air flow, plus it’s very supportive. Nylon casters with easy roll function get you to where you need to be fast.

This office chair is also fully adjustable allowing you to control the tilt, height, back angle, and synchro tilt. When you find the desired position, easily lock it into place. The tilt tension is also adjustable which is nice for reclining without feeling like you’re going to fall backwards.

You’ll be happy to know that the Eurotech Ergohuman Mesh office chair meets or exceeds the ANSI/BIFMA standards and is also Greenguard indoor air quality certified which means that it means strict chemical emission limits and is safe for indoors without it polluting the air quality.

In addition, this office chair is suitable to accommodate individuals from 5’2” to 6’5” comfortably.

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Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Desk Chair

Ancheer Mount Ergonomic Desk ChairDo you ever feel that need to just lean back and recline while stretching in a desk chair, but it’s just not going as far as you would like it to? No worries because there is an ergonomic office chair, actually one of the great reclining office chairs out there.

This model has five adjustable parts including the headrest, backrest, seat, armrest, and height. It also allows you to adjust the angle at which the chair reclines. We can easily point that one of the best computer chairs for long hours.

The backrest itself is S shape that conforms to your spine, creating better support and reducing pain caused from sitting long periods of time in an office job. Just lean back as far as you’d like and feel confident that nothing is going to happen. The office chair rolls and swivels easily around your desk area, allowing you to reach any area at your station.

In addition, the office chair is manufactured with a breathable, high-density and strength polyester mesh material that keeps you cool no matter how hot it gets in the room.

Furthermore, this desk chair has been tested and is able to stand weights up to 665 lbs. Rest assured this chair will not collapse on you. Another interesting fact about this office chair it also fires and dirt resistant.

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SPACE Seating Professional Ergonomic Desk Chair

SPACE Seating Professional Ergonomic Desk ChairAnother best-selling ergonomic office chair on the market today is the Space Seating Professional AirGrid with padded Eco leather seat.

It offers 2 in 1 synchro tilt control and tilt tension, plus is available with adjustable arms that are also angle adjustable as well. This office chair can accommodate various heights with the seat adjustment.

In addition, this specific office chair is very lightweight at only 40 lbs. and is featured with oversized dual wheel carpet casters for easy rolling.

The seat is well cushioned for a comfortable seating environment and the back is designed with breathable mesh, so no matter how long you sit you’ll feel comfortable without getting too hot.

Built in lumbar support conforms to your back, allowing for better posture control while sitting. Furthermore, this particular office chair can accommodate up to 250 lbs. and is also GreenGuard Indoor Air Quality Certified.

In addition, this office chair is priced well below a lot of the other office chairs and is quite affordable if you’re watching your budget. This office chair would be ideal for someone who didn’t have much room in their office space as it is very compact and not too bulky.

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  • 4.7 Customer Rating
  • DX Racer OH/FE11/NO Racing Seat Office Chair
  • PRICE $$
  • Color : Variety Of Colors
  • Material : Mesh and PU cover
  • Dimension : 27 x 21 x 50 inches
  • Weight : 49 pounds
  • 3.7 Customer Rating
  • Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Desk Chair
  • PRICE $
  • Color : Black/Grey
  • Material : Leather
  • Dimension : 28 x 26.5 x 48.5 inches
  • Weight : 93 pounds
  • 5.0 Customer Rating
  • Komhode PU Leather Office/Home Office Chair
  • PRICE $$
  • Color : Black
  • Material : MESH、Plastic、Metal、foam
  • Dimension : 21.6 x 23.6 x 39.4
  • Weight : 23.4 pounds
  • 4.3 Customer Rating
  • Basyx by HON HVL210 Office or Computer Chair
  • PRICE $
  • Color : Black
  • Material : Fabric
  • Dimension : 33.5 x 24.5 x 38.2 inches
  • Weight : 26 pounds
  • 4.2 Customer Rating
  • Mid-Back Home Office Chair
  • PRICE $
  • Color : Black/red/white
  • Material : Mid Back Mesh
  • Dimension : 18 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Weight : 40 pounds

DX Racer OH/FE11/NO Racing Seat Office Chair

DX-Racer-OHFE11NP-office-chair-1If you’re looking for an office chair that not only supports your back and neck effectively, and offers a sporty, one-of-a-kind look, then you might want to consider the DX Racer OH/FE11/NO Racing Seat Office Chair Recliner Esport.

This office chair has been designed by using the specifications of an actual race car seat for comfort and support to the neck and spinal area. This includes incorporating a higher backrest to support the full length of the spine, an included head cushion, and fully adjustable armrests with soft pad cushions. It’s designed to adjust to various levels to accommodate your needs plus includes a tilt mechanism.

In addition, you can purchase this unique chair in several different on black color combinations such as blue, green, yellow, red, orange, and the featured pink. This chair also features a heavy duty aluminum base with the latest footrests.

One of the nice inclusions with this specific office chair is the lifetime warranty on the frame and a 24-month warranty on parts. This particular office chair would be a nice selection for someone requiring that extra back and neck support with adjustability.

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Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Desk Chair

Boss-Black-LeatherPlus-Executive-ChairIf you are looking for an office chair but also thinking of other features other than budget, here is one of our favorite chairs. You have the ability to command attention with this affordable handsome looking office chair. It not only looks nice but feels nice as well.

You will receive the lumbar support you need with its design with pneumatic seat height adjustment. The unique waterfall seat construction eliminates leg fatigue caused by sitting for long periods by increasing circulation. The office chair can be adjusted to your specific height requirements and also has a tilt tension control and locking upright position.

This office chair is upholstered with LeatherPlus which is an easy-clean material and only requires a wet cloth. In addition, the office chair has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. with plenty of room in the seat portion for comfortability. Another benefit of this office chair is it does not require any tools to put together and is very easily assembled.

So whether you want a classy design for decorating your office or if you want to add an attractive office chair to your computer table at home then this might be an excellent choice for you. Furthermore, this product is backed by a 6-year warranty.

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Komhode PU Leather Office/Home Office Chair

The Komhode is a mid-back swivel office chair that has a very simplistic, no frills design. Komhode-Office-Chair

Don’t let the compact appearance fool you, because it offers the same or similar features that the more complex, larger, bulkier office chairs have. It has thick padding in the seat area for comfort and a breathable back so you won’t get too hot or sweat. In addition, you can control the tilt function and the height with the one touch pneumatic seat height adjustment.

Also, this office chair is not for commercial use and would be better utilized in the home office environment. The heavy duty nylon base with the dual wheel carpet castors make it easy to glide along flooring, plus it has a 360° swivel so you can reach places without even moving the chair.

When you have to be seated at your desk for long periods of time, it’s beneficial to have an office chair that will be kind to your body and provide the comfort and support that you need.

The Komhode PU Leather Office/ Home Office Chair can accommodate a maximum holding weight of 330 lbs. even though the chair is extremely lightweight and easy to assemble, plus it’s very affordable and one of the best cheap office chairs.

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Basyx by HON HVL210 Office or Computer Chair

basyx-by-HON-HVL210-office-chairThe Basyx is a nicely padded office chair that can accommodate any size user. It features a swivel tilt mechanism with a tilt tension control. Height can be adjusted easily with the pneumatic seat height adjustment lever.

In addition, the seat is contoured with double padding and the waterfall front design that supports the legs and assists in preventing fatigue. Both the seat and the back are upholstered with a breathable sandwich mesh material. The specific design of this office chair allows the user to control many adjustments for comfort.

Productivity in the workplace is also improved when the individual is not constantly adjusting themselves due to pain or numbness from sitting that comes with office work. Furthermore, the design of this office chair is very lightweight at only 20 lbs. It does not have armrests, therefore, can be pushed up close and under a desk without restriction. A very strong frame and five-star base are molded from a durable resin.

We would have to agree that this specific office chair is great for a person who is looking for functionality along with that needed comfort and ergo support.

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Mid-Back Home Office Chair

Mid-Back-Mesh-Ergonomic-Computer-Desk-Office-ChairThis office chair by BestOffice is rated one of the best home office chairs available. It’s a mid-back office chair with armrests. Specifically used as a computer or desk chair for your home office. The design conforms to your spine, allowing for better posture and less slouching, plus it has a 360° swivel function and an adjustable height.

Breathable mesh material keeps you from getting too hot. The arms, however, are not adjustable but are presented at a nice height allowing you to conveniently store the chair under a desk without interference.

Even though it doesn’t have a lot of gadgets and adjustments, it is very user-friendly, easily rolls around on surfaces and offers a budget friendly alternative to the more pricey office chairs. You will be content with the lightweight design and easy assembly.

We believe this office chair would be an ideal choice for a student needing a desk chair for homework, or someone who requires a simple, convenient computer chair for a smaller desk.

Also, if you’re a company and are seeking to buy an affordable office chair in bulk, this 012 chair is rather economical and could save you money and still offer the ergo style that you need for your employees.

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What is To Expect From The Best Office Chair?

Office-Chair-ReviewsIf you didn’t already know, all office chairs are not created equal, just like not all individuals are created the same. For this reason, you need to have an office chair that has the capability to adjust to individual needs.

First and foremost, a good office chair should conform to a person’s body, which includes the back, neck, seat, and legs.

A good office chair also has adjustability. It’s important that you can adjust the seat height, the tilt, and the recline of the chair.

The next most important feature of a good office chair is durability. You want a chair that can withstand a person’s weight and size, which means it should be manufactured out of a sturdy material that won’t fall apart. Along with the stability, you should look for an office chair that has a 5-point base; this will avoid the possibility of tipping.

What to Look For In A Good Computer Chair?

To break it down easily for you, the main features you need to look for in a good computer chair are:

  • Adjustability
  • Seat height range
  • Seat depth
  • Backrest
  • Stability

After all, if those features and functions are met then you can go for style and appeal. Determine whether or not you want arm rest or not. Just because an office chair is lacking armrests, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good chair. Above all, when choosing an office chair, choose something that you will be comfortable in.



How Do You Adjust a Desk Chair for Your Height?

best office chairs 3Adjusting a desk chair to match your height is extremely important. An ergonomic desk chair helps you maintain an appropriate balance while keeping your posture straight and eliminating fatigue on your lower back and legs.

To adjust a seat height properly, you first you need to stand behind the chair; the seat of the office chair should rest just below your knees.

Once that is done, sit in the chair and keep your feet flat on the floor.

best office chairs 2Next, check the clearance between your calves and the front portion of the chair. There should be about a 2” clearance or about the size of a fist.

In addition, you also want to make sure that your legs can easily slide under your desk without catching. If you need to make adjustments to the distance between your calves and the seat or the height you can also adjust the tilt function.

Never wrap your feet around the castors, or use them as your main footrest as it creates strain to your legs and back. Having your feet placed flatly on the floor in front of you keeps your body in the position it should be for better posture and long lasting comfort. Check out some tips! Choosing a chair

What Is So Controversial About Arm Rests?

best office chairsIt’s not a big issue, really. The controversy came from thinking that having armrests would prevent the office chair from getting close enough to the desk, and yes, that could be an issue when it comes to proper posture or productivity.

However, by decreasing the length of the armrests to about 10 inches or less from the back of the seat would work just fine, or how the theorists described it as, appropriate. Now, it is also said that armrests are beneficial to the user as they take some of the load off of the shoulders, and one can comfortably type or perform whatever duties they need to at their workstation without causing unnecessary strain.

Another important factor when considering to have armrests or not is the task at hand. You need to think whether or not the armrests would interfere with your job or get in the way of your work area. Certain types of armrests can assist with and help support during various precision tasks, while armrests can hinder others.

To us, it’s just an individual preference. If you choose an office chair where the armrest doesn’t interfere with your work area or doesn’t prevent you from pushing your chair in enough so you don’t slouch, we see nothing wrong with them. The main importance of office chairs is to alleviate pressure, fatigue while maintaining good posture when your job requires you to sit for lengthy periods of time. If you are doing all that, then you have a nice office chair.

Also, when selecting an office chair with arm rests, one should consider getting a chair that allows you to adjust the armrests to various heights and lengths to accommodate you.


Office Chairs and Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics of the Office ChairsIt seems like not so long ago an office chair was just a chair that you sit at a desk so you wouldn’t have to stand while performing your duties. They weren’t anything special, no adjustment features, and not even wheels for maneuvering around.

In the olden days, if you were lucky you’d get those wheels attached to a very stiff wooden swivel chair that reclined slightly when you leaned back. Since then, studies have indicated that back pain is one of the most common work-related injuries and this also includes those who sit at a desk all day performing various tasks or working on the computer.

Back pain or injury sustained while sitting in an office chair is referred to as non-accidental injury; it means the pain arose from everyday activity.

Since all this hype over back injuries, pain, and other related issues caused by desk jobs have risen, somebody finally developed some smarts and decided to create ergonomics. Principals can be applied to all aspects of the job, whether sitting, standing, driving, etc. It has also been adapted into office chairs that allow for prolonged sitting at the desk or workstations.

Designs of office chairs have been customized to support the back, neck, and legs, plus offer adjustments to suit each individual according to their size and stature.

Carpal tunnel is another injury that can be sustained while sitting at a desk. If the height of your office chair is too high or too low, your arms and wrists tend to tweak unnaturally and eventually they will cause you pain and discomfort. It has been reported in extreme cases of carpal tunnel, surgery needed to be performed to fix the issue.

Another important reason why these office chairs were created has a lot to do with insurance and workman’s compensation in the workplace. When employers figured out that if they take care of their employees by providing them better office furniture, and even techniques, they found that the insurance claims diminished. Even some employers or companies require their employees to complete training or participate in seminars so they can learn how to sit, stand, lift, or walk. By educating their employees they are reducing the chance of an injury to occur while on the job.

As you can see, ergonomy do play an important part in the workplace as well as your everyday life, and they should not be taken lightly, especially when it comes to your health and well-being. You are only given one body, and it’s up to you to maintain it properly. Having a massage by a massage chair daily can improve the spine health too.

Lastly, if you feel that the equipment that has been provided to you is not meeting those needs it should be brought to your employers’ attention so they may remedy the situation.

It may not seem like a big deal but, choosing the best office desk for your needs can reduce workplace injuries.

If you are looking for a tall office chair & stool for your standing desk, for more details, please follow the link!


How to Sit on A Computer Chair to Avoid Back Pain at Work

You’re always going to experience some stiffness in your body if sitting for prolonged periods while performing everyday office duties such as filing, working on the computer, or other tasks as assigned. Even the desk chairs require you to be vigilant when taking care of your body. Though they help immensely if you position them to your proportions correctly, there are other ways that can help reduce back pain.

As you sit, your body becomes stagnant, creating a strain on your neck, shoulders, back and legs. Plus, if you already have an existing injury, it can further create havoc. It’s extremely important to make time in your day to alter your position, such as standing, stretching, or just taking a break from the chair such as getting up for 5 minutes every 30 to 40 minutes.

How-to-Reduce-Back-PainFind ways to stand at your desk while performing your duties. This can easily be done while talking on the phone or filing papers in a filing cabinet.

Certain exercises can also be included in your day while sitting. Here are some examples that will assist you. It might seem somewhat awkward at first, but you’re doing yourself a favor, especially when you’re already subjecting yourself to one of the worst positions for your body, which is sitting.

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Top 9 Office Chair Exercises for Good Posture

  1. Stand up and sit down with no hands – This might not be what you would generally consider an exercise, but doing this is quite the challenge. It’s not only good for your back, but it also strengthens the muscles in your legs and abdomen.
  2. Shrug and roll your shoulders – this small exercise releases tension in the shoulder and neck area.
  3. Lift your arms over your head and grab onto the opposite arm at the elbow and pull behind your head, repeat on the other side.
  4. Twist your torso
  5. Stretch out your arms pointing them to the floor and extend your fingertips. It’s a simple stretching exercise that will increase your circulation, plus it feels good.
  6. Do leg extensions – stretch your legs out in front of you while holding the bottom of your seat, then flex and point your toes at least five times. Repeat 3 times.
  7. Give yourself a hug – wrap your arms around your torso with your hands placed on your shoulders, and then breathe in and out. This can release the tension between your shoulder blades.
  8. Give your legs a hug – place your feet flat on the floor together, lean forward and grasp the opposite arm behind the leg. Hold that position for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat 3 times.
  9. Don’t eat at your desk. This is your break time and you should take advantage of the time and eat your lunch while taking a walk with your colleagues or friends.

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In addition to stretching and exercising it does help to have one of these chairs available. They allow you to make those certain adjustments that assist in taking care of your back, legs, and neck. That is why it’s so very important that you research the top office chairs to know what they do and don’t have when it comes to features. Office chairs are the key to good posture and avoiding the pain. As mentioned before in a separate section, lumbar support, height, and other features that allow for natural movement plus help to maintain proper posture are desired when seeking out your perfect office chair. Just because a chair looks good doesn’t mean that it is good for you, and even the best looking, most expensive chairs can cause damage to your spine.

To determine what a correct sitting position for good posture should be, sit at the end of your chair and slouch, then pull yourself up, sitting straight, but accentuating the natural curve in your lower lumbar area and hold for a few seconds. Relax just slightly about 10°, this should be the ideal sitting posture.

Remember pain is an indicator that something isn’t right, pay attention to those signals and adjust


What is the Right Desk Chair Sitting Posture

Let’s dive into more information about proper posture and place it in everyday life which are the things you do normally as a routine. While you’re driving, standing, sitting at a desk chair, or walking has it ever crossed your mind that you should pay attention to your body and the way you are positioning yourself during these routine tasks? Probably not, but putting a conscience effort and posture while performing these tasks can reduce the strain on your body. And it assists in reducing the possibility of pain from these activities.Office Chair Posture and Driving Ergonomics

We want to emphasize the importance of maintaining a good natural posture when sitting in your office chair. Generally, office positions require you to sit at a desk for sometimes 8 hours a day and when you’re involved in a project or a deadline, stretching and exercising is the last thing on your mind.

However, you should always attempt to keep your posture as straight and normal as possible. If this is the first time you have thought about your posture, it’s probably going to feel a little weird at first. That’s because your body has been trained to slouch, and lean. Retraining might take some effort on your part, but it will become easier and more natural the longer you do it.

To obtain a proper friendly workstation you’ll have to make some adjustments which include computer office chair, and desk positioning.

Your office chair should be the appropriate height so that your feet are flat on the floor without dangling. Your knees should be level with your hips, and your torso should be vertical with the natural curvature present in your lower back. Then when you have that all together, practice your sitting.

Many people sit at the front of their chair which causes them to hunch forward. Instead, sit all the way back in the chair and let the lumbar support work its magic.

It provides that extra support you need for the natural curvature of your spine and will assist you in sitting erect without slouching. Again, and we can’t emphasize this enough…Take breaks!

Relieve Back Pain While Driving

Driving is another factor in causing back pain especially for those who spend a prolonged time in their vehicles. Whether they are a long haul trucker or delivery driver. Even taking a long family trip that requires hours of driving can cause unnecessary pain or even every day commutes to work.

Especially for those who spend a prolonged time in their vehicles, whether they are a long haul trucker or delivery driver. Even taking a long family trip that requires hours of driving can cause unnecessary pain or even every day commutes to work.

Driving and sitting go hand in hand so a lot of what you hear about sitting posture will also follow suit when driving.

  1. Sit with your knees level to your hips
  2. If your car seat doesn’t offer support in the lower lumbar area, use a rolled up towel or cushion to support that natural curve of your spine in the lumbar area.
  3. Adjust your drivers’ seat so that it is in a comfortable reach position to the steering wheel. You don’t want to sit too far back from the wheel as it causes discomfort when reaching.
  4. Sit straight with shoulders back, head facing forward.

Even if you are a passenger in a vehicle, pay attention to the way you are sitting as well. Your trip will be more enjoyable and you will experience less stiffness and pain. Again, take breaks from driving and sitting. Get out of the vehicle and walk around, perform stretching exercises.

Now, let’s talk about what ergonomics is. We have discussed ways to properly sit and drive, and we have mentioned ergonomics in our conversation. But we really haven’t explained what exactly it is.

In laments terms, it is kind of a studied science. But it is more of a common sense issue in the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in the workplace. They refer to it as MSD. Did you know that MSD is one of the leading causes of injuries and claims in the workplace? Improper lifting, sitting, leaning, etc. etc. can attribute to these types of injuries. Employers are really starting to pay attention and take care of their employees. It makes sense; fewer injuries, better productivity, more money. Even though benefit the employer they should be equally important to the employee or more so because it’s your body and like we said you only get one.

Practice Good Posture In All Of Your Activities

Your spine will thank you later. Let us tell you what good posture can do for you in the short and long term.

  • Keeps your joints and bones in proper alignment so that your muscles are being used correctly.
  • It prevents arthritis by decreasing the abnormal wearing of the joints.
  • Stress is reduced on the ligaments on the joints that hold the spine together
  • Prevents your spine from becoming stagnant and fixed in an unnatural position
  • It prevents fatigue because the muscles are being used correctly and they are using less energy
  • Of course, prevents backache
  • Prevents strain from overuse
  • Lastly, makes you look better

Just think of all the great benefits you can achieve by practicing good posture in your work environment. Not to mention the decrease in medical bills that you might have to fork out if you chose not to pay attention to the way you sit, stand, or perform tasks.

Improving Office Ergonomics For More Productive Employees!

An Ergonomic chair is designed to balance your body, conform to your natural shape, such as the curve of your spine. It also allows you to move more freely without strain.

Office chairs generally have several Best ergonomic office chairadjustment features that allow you to modify the height, tilt, recline, and seat of the chair. Keep in mind that just because the chair is labeled ergonomic, does not mean that it is the right office chair for you.

We’ve done our homework and researched each office chair thoroughly for you. As far as ergonomic office chairs, we also deliver the most rated office chairs without having to search for them. Everything you need is offered right here for your convenience.

Finding The Right Office Chair For Your Body Shape

Before purchasing an office chair because it’s labeled ergonomic, you first have to know that not every office chair will accommodate everyone. People are designed differently and so are chairs. It does help if an office chair has several adjustment features to assist in creating your perfect individual office chair.

Ergonomic office chair reviewsHeight adjustments are very important when selecting an office chair and we aren’t just talking about the general height of the chair from floor to seat, we are also referring to the back height and the armrest height. All of those features need to be adjusted to fit your height. You want everything to be aligned; for instance, your knees should be aligned with your hips while sitting. Another important factor when choosing a good office chair is the tilt. Tilt tension and tilt lock allow you to find that comfortable seating position that supports your posture while sitting.

Lastly, you want to find an office chair that offers adequate lumbar support. It should support the natural curve of your spine, which interprets to helping reduce the fatigue and strain that your back goes through while sitting for extended times. Overall, play with your adjustments until you find that common ground between comfort and support. Your back will thank you!


Can a Computer Chair Improve Ergonomics?

To answer this question in the most simplistic way possible, yes, it can.

Not having an ergonomic computer chair, especially when sitting for extended periods of time can cause more damage to your back, and cause unnecessary discomfort in neck, shoulders, legs, and of course your back. If you’re considering the fact that you work at a desk or a computer for eight or more hours a day, your body is being subjected to an unnatural position especially if you slouch. An ergonomic office chair basically forces your body to retain a good seating position, assisting with the natural S-shape curve of your spine, and keeping everything balanced and aligned.

Another thing you should keep in mind is an office chair isn’t the only ergonomic office feature available. Ergonomics are also incorporated in desks, filing cabinets, phones etc. All of those items combined will help you, but you still have to play a part in the health of your body which includes sitting straight, exercise, and stretch. Remain vigilant when sitting and aware of your surroundings and how your body is reacting to certain situations. Pain is an indication that something isn’t quite right, so pay attention and adjust accordingly.

Office Chair Improve Ergonomics


Choosing An Ergonomic Office Chair!

Typical office jobs are ones that require the employee to sit for lengthy periods of time, which puts strain on the body. This eventually can contribute to back problems that could last you the rest of your life. A preventative measure in any position that requires sitting is ergonomic office furniture or positioning. Investing in an ergonomic office chair can assist in creating a more natural environment and support for your spine.

There are several office chairs out there that claim to be ergonomic and not all are what they are stacked up to be. Though you might come across a chair that you absolutely love by the look of it, it’s not necessarily the ideal chair for you.

When choosing the right office chair there are a few features that these chairs should have included.Ergonomic-Office-Chair

  • Seat Height
    One of the most important features of an office chair is seat height adjustment. Pneumatic seat height adjustment is the easiest; it’s basically a lever that can be operated with one hand. It allows the chair to either be moved up or down by lifting up on a lever. The seat will go down automatically while sitting and to make the seat come up, all you have to do is shift your weight to your feet. To determine the proper height, your feet should be flat on the floor, your knees level with your hips, and your arms level to the desk or table.
  • Seat Width and Depth
    Another important factor of a good office chair is the seat depth and width. The seat itself should be able to accommodate any user comfortably. The depth of the chair should allow the user to sit back against the backrest while leaving a spacing distance of 2” to 4” between the knee and the chair. Keep in mind that the tilt of the seat should also be adjustable.
  • Lumbar Support
    Your spine is designed with a natural curve, similar to the shape of an S. If not properly supported it tends to lose that curve and cause slouching. It’s more difficult to reverse the slouching once you’ve been doing it for a long time and to avoid slouching, an ergonomic office chair simulates your natural curve that supports your lumbar area and promotes good posture.
  • Backrest
    a backrest in an office chair should also be adjustable. We cannot emphasize it enough that no two people are designed alike and this includes your back. Some are shorter, longer, wider, etc.; and to make sure that the lumbar portion of the backrest is matching up to your spine, the backrest should be able to lift up or tilt to fit your particular spine. It should also lock in place.
  • Seat Material
    I know you probably don’t consider this an ergonomic function, but the material that your chair is constructed out of is equally important as the adjustments. A good office chair should have enough padding in the seat to feel comfortable and it should also have material that breathes such as mesh. Breathable material will keep you from sweating, sticking, and feeling uncomfortable.
  • Armrests
    A chair can either have or not have armrests. It depends greatly on the preference of the user or the task at hand. If you do have armrests included on the chair, you want to make sure that they are adjustable. There is nothing more annoying than an armrest that interferes with your desk.
  • Swivel
    An ergonomic office chair should not be stationary; it should be able to move freely and swivel. This function helps you get to where you need to be with little or no effort.

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**Desk lamps can make a big difference in your office to create a better work environment

Identifying Incorrect Posture

It’s actually a lot more difficult to detect your own incorrect posture than it is to notice it on someone else. There are certain signs you need to look out for to keep yourself in check and avoid the slouch. Incorrect posture doesn’t just occur while sitting at your desk, it can be present while walking, carrying items, picking things up, or even talking on the phone.

Here are some examples of bad posture or things that cause bad posture so that you can better identify them and attempt to avoid certain circumstances.

  1. Slouching with your shoulders hunched forward. This can happen while sitting or standing. It’s important when doing either when you sit or stand straight. Utilize the lumbar support in an office chair and don’t sit at the edge of your seat. Your shoulders should be tilted back slightly and your head looking straight ahead; not at the ground and not cocked sideways.
  2. Over exaggerating the natural curve of your back, which is also known as swayback or Lordosis. You want to maintain the natural curve as much as possible.
  3. Don’t carry anything that is too heavy on one side of your body; if at all possible seek assistance with anything that is of an uncomfortable weight. If you have ever seen a mother carry her child on hip, you’d notice that she overcompensates that burden buy leaning, therefore putting additional strain on the spine.
  4. Holding a phone between your neck and shoulder. It may seem like the simplest of tasks, but it can cause unnecessary discomfort if you make a habit out of it.
  5. Sleeping on a mattress or pillow that does not offer the proper support.

These are all small examples of everyday scenarios that can lead to bad posture. Try identifying these habits in your life. Take a moment every hour to check yourself. It’s also a good idea to use a buddy system. Have your buddy or co-workers bring bad posture scenarios to your attention. Like we said, it’s not always easy to watch your own posture as it is to watch someone else’s.

We feel that by providing you with adequate and honest information on what is available it will help you make a decision that is right for you and your needs.

Were you able to get a feel of what ergonomics, good posture, and a good office chair have in common? If you did, then we have accomplished what we set out to do and that is helping consumers like you.

Our site provides everything you need to know all about ergonomic chairs. So you don’t have to waste your time searching for different products all over the internet. Finding the right office chair is so important, and that is why we give these reviews. But, if you want to improve your posture quickly, keep reading the Inversion Table Reviews here!

Best Office Chair Comparison Chart

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair
$$$High tech mesh fabric29 x 29.5 x 43.5 inches52 pounds
Aeron Chair by Herman Miller
$$$High tech mesh fabric27.6 x 26.9 x 24 inches56.5 pounds
Eurotech Ergohuman Office Chair

$$$Mesh and Nylon Casters40-46 x 26 x 27.5 inches66 pounds
Ancheer Mount Desk Chair$$Mesh, Steel, Plastic20.3 x 22.6 x 50.7 inches58 pounds
SPACE Seating Professional Desk Chair$$Fabric /mesh26.5 x 28 x 55.5 inches39 pounds
DX Racer OH/FE11/NO Racing Seat Office Chair
$$Mesh and PU cover27 x 21 x 50 inches49 pounds
Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Desk Chair
$Leather28 x 26.5 x 48.5 inches93 pounds
Komhode PU Leather Office/Home Office Chair
$$MESH、Plastic、Metal、foam21.6 x 23.6 x 39.423.4 pounds
Basyx by HON HVL210 Office or Computer Chair
$Fabric33.5 x 24.5 x 38.2 inches26 pounds
Mid-Back Home Office Chair$Mid Back Mesh18 x 12 x 12 inches40 pounds

Bottom Line

As we wrap this portion up we hope that we have provided you with the most valuable information on home office chairs and ergonomic office chairs for tall, short, fat or skinny people and how to keep your body in good working alignment to prevent unnecessary pain and discomfort from sitting.

Remember, it’s important to research the possibilities so you aren’t stuck with an uncomfortable desk chair for hours a day.

We also strive to give you the office chair reviews on the latest out there to assist in deciding what is going to be right for you and your needs. Take care of your body because it’s designed to take care of you.